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Our History

In 1842 God led a group of believers to establish this fellowship. Throughout its life, it has been committed to presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Bethlehem community.

The Bethlehem Baptist fellowship can be described as "old in years, but young at heart."

We say that because we trust the Holy Spirit of God to plant fresh passion for Christian ministry into the hearts of each generation - a passion that will motivate us to strive to be "salt and light" for Jesus Christ this present day.

Our journey of serving Christ now spans three centuries. While calendar dates, music trends, and communication styles are always changing, our choice of following the Great Commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20) as our model for ministry has not changed.

The persons and events in this web page tell some of the story God is currently writing through this fellowship. Thanks for visiting and please come back often.

We also invite you to worship with us.

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